High limit online roulette

High Stakes

The various live dealer roulette tables with HD camera feeds make it feel like you are right there in the casino playing at the table. With limits up to £10,000 per spin of the wheel, why not experience it for yourself?

High Stakes Roulette
High stakes blackjack

High Stakes

Blackjack is popular because not only is it easy to learn, but when played according to a pre-determined strategy it can often be one of the most profitable games available to a player in terms of a low house advantage.

High Stakes Blackjack
High limit slots

High Stakes

When it comes to the potential for large and even life-changing jackpots, nothing in the casino beats the slots. Just one spin of the reels can instantly increase your bankroll or lead to those dreamed-of riches.

High Stakes Slots
High stakes online poker games

High Stakes

Poker comes in two categories. One covers casino poker games like Caribbean Poker and Jacks or Better, whilst the other involves playing against real opponents to win the pot rather than competing against the casino.

High Stakes Poker

High Limit Gambling

A high roller whale throwing casino chips in the air surrounded by beautiful women

Looking to play high limit online casino games? Then High Stakes Casino.co.uk is the perfect place for you. Enjoy high stakes gambling action on a variety of different casino games, from traditional favourites such as high limit online roulette, blackjack, slots, craps, keno and video poker, along with exciting variations too. Best of all, you can enjoy these games with high limits for a chance to win big money.

Players can begin with limits of £10,000 per roulette wheel spin or £5,000 per hand of blackjack for example. Now that's some seriously high stakes.

The majority of online casinos will offer limits which would be acceptable for most players, but for those wealthy individuals these amounts will provide little of the excitement that comes with wagering a large amount.

The thrill of losing is what makes the winning in a casino so exhilarating, whether it be on the internet in an online casino or playing in person at a land-based casino. But these amounts have to actually mean something for it to matter to a person. Wealth is all relative, and what would be considered a large amount of money to one person may be little more than loose change to another.

Rather than looking for people to wager large amounts that they cannot really afford to lose, High Stakes Casino.co.uk is here to provide affluent individuals who wish to play casino games for high stakes the opportunity to do so.

All of the most popular casino games can be found here, each offering generous high betting limits for players. Playing in the live dealer casino on games such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat and casino hold 'em poker offers even higher limits for those looking to try and win big and like to see the action unfolding in front of them via video link.

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Live Dealer Casino

A screenshot of blackjack with a live dealer

Playing in a live dealer casino is second only to being in a real casino, and in fact there are many who would argue that it is in fact better as you do not need to leave the comfort of your own home to play!

In a live dealer casino the game is run by a real life dealer who you can see via a camera. They draw the cards in a blackjack game or spin the wheel in a game of roulette, with the player making bet selections and choosing which action they would like to take by clicking the options that come up on screen. It really is casino gambling for the 21st century!

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How To Play

A lady holding playing cards two aces

Click below to view the objectives and information on how to play some of the most popular casino games such as roulette and blackjack. These guides are by no means definitive, but rather provide an overview of the main aspects of how to play the various games.

Before playing for high stakes, or indeed any amount of real money in the online casino, it is essential to practice and really familiarise yourself with the rules and how to play, otherwise you are prone to make a mistake and may end up losing a lot of your hard-earned cash by doing something that could have been avoided.

How to Play

Who Should Play for High Limits?

High stakes casino theme with roulette wheel, chips and dice

The term high limits is rather relative, as what would be viewed as extremely large amount by one person may simply be small change to another. In terms of online gambling though, when talking about high limits it usually refers to wager amounts which are over and above the usual limits imposed by the majority of casino providers. Whilst these limits may be perfectly acceptable for most players, and indeed many are unlikely to ever bet anything close to the maximum limit in a single wager, for some high rollers these limits are likely to be too restrictive and so small in comparison to their wealth that it removes all sense of risk and meaningfulness for them... in essence, it is no longer a gamble!

One of the reasons for gambling's popularity is the thrill of winning that can only be achieved when there is the danger of losing a meaningful amount. If a tiny limit is imposed on a player looking to play for high stakes, then their enjoyment is severely curtailed and results in a frustrated experience, in the same when that playing for fun/demo money never feels the same as playing for real money!

Plus, besides the enjoyment factor, many high rollers also visit online casinos and gamble online for the same reason as many others: to try and win money! Again, this is relative, and what may be a life-changing winning amount for some may not mean a great deal to another. Therefore in order to try and win a large, meaningful amount a high roller will need to stake a large amount, which again is a reason for requiring high limits.

Where problems arise with playing for high limits is when a player wagers an amount which is in excess of their comfort zone, insofar as losing this amount will have a severely negative effect upon their happiness and their financial situation. They place a large wager in the hope of winning a large amount, but cannot absorb such an amount should the cards or the roulette wheel not be favourable. So when playing for high stakes and high limits, always play sensibly and according to your own specific tolerances for potential losses.

What Type of Personality is Better Suited to High Stake Gambling?

A high limit gambler with a lot of casino chips smiling with a drink in hand

As well as a good dose of lady luck, gambling is an art, and involves understanding, interpreting and managing your bets. It ultimately boils down to who you are as a person and what guides your decisions. These decisions can be emotive, estimation, analytic or based on appearance.

There is a lot to lose or gain when playing high stake casino games. Therefore, what you believe in can make or break your bet. That notwithstanding, betting is a game of chance, and all wins or losses depnd upon luck as well as your skill levels and proficiency at playing the games correctly.

The primary types of gambling personalities are:


This group of gamers are the most analytic. They are not deterred by short-term glory but are focused on the greater influence. They might sacrifice a card, spin or a move, but target a bigger win. Their moves are intended to solve problems, prioritise profits and plan. In most cases, they take their time to make a move. They might not be lucky all the time, but their win ratio is among the highest of all casino players. Thinkers can perfectly fit into the category of those with more change to succeed when playing high stakes roulette and high stakes blackjack.


This group is more into the thrill and fun of the game. They want to continue and see what happens next. If they happen to win, the winnings are considered a booster to their quest. They are attracted by stories, adventures and escapades. As long as the plot is convincing, irrespective of the game, they are good to go. This personality fits well with high stakes slots games when just one more spin could bring riches.


They have a longstanding history with the game. They don’t do it for the proceeds, but for the experience. Amazingly, they do not require any strategy or formula to play. Their mantras are “luck” and “trust the system”. If they win, they might plough in all the proceeds. In most cases, betting is like a perfectly choreographed routine. Conservatives bet small. They cannot commit to any high limit online casino game as it will force them out of their comfort zone.


Professional gamblers have traits like thinkers. The difference is the intention. They have read and internalised all there is to the game. They pay a great deal attention to the house edge, including the variances within them, such as the difference between European roulette and American roulette. They carefully select games with a higher win ratio for the gamer. Luck is not a word in their dictionary. Until the probability of winning favours them, they are hesitant to stake. Suffice it to say their win ratio is usually impressive; at least, it is much higher than most regular casino patrons. Professional gamers would prefer high stake roulette or a French variant over American or European roulette.


Social gamblers engage in gaming as a way to fit in. They view gambling as a source of entertainment. They do it because it is trendy. They know that gaming involves a large slice of luck and do not necessarily expect a profit at the end of it. This cluster is well endowed financially and even have a budget for gambling. Their participation is average. Some might have gaming knowledge but do not care. They push the luck idea too far. Their conversion ratio is minimal. They do not have a bias in any game. All high limit casino games will do, as long as they are trending.


They are divided into 3 distinct groups, all of which are likely to lose money:

  • Those who gamble under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. In normal cases, you will never find them gambling when sober.

  • Emotional bettors – Whenever they bet and lose, they become agitated. Their focus is on winning and a contrary outcome gets them worried. Even if they win, they are likely to give it all back to the casino in pretty short order.

  • Short-cut to riches – This group believes that betting is their way out of poverty, or to make them so rich that it dramatically changes their lifestyle with flash cars and fancy holidays. They are functionally sound, but the urge to gain success often clouds their judgement.

  • This personality group might have operational similarities with professional gamblers. The difference is that they invest emotions in every bet they stake. Also, they partake in more bets than professional gamblers. Any high limit roulette or blackjack will do for them, but the outcome is highly unlikely to be good.

    The Ideal Personalities for High Stake Gambling

    A high stakes casino is for those who want to make significant bets. It is not for the faint-hearted or those who look at casinos as a means to an end. To that effect, compulsive gamers do not fit the bill, as there is a high probability that they will lose a lot of money in a very short space of time.

    The preferred person for playing in a high stakes online casino is a combination of an adventurer and a thinker; someone who is willing to try new things and is not too concerned about the outcome. This person should also be financially stable, with a suitably sized bankroll to enable them to wager the large amounts that they wish to bet.

    5 Things that are Important When Deciding on a High Limit Casino

    High value casino chips

    Before joining a high stakes casino, you should conduct rigorous scrutiny. There are crucial factors to take into account, like game quality and banking options.

    Choosing a high stakes casino is a daunting endeavour. You get the added thrill of gambling by risking more funds.

    It is difficult to choose a casino to play high stakes casino games, especially in this day and age. With so many options, it is difficult to choose one where you can play high stakes roulette, high stakes slots or high stakes blackjack.

    The choice is even more challenging when choosing a high limit online casino in order to play the games from the comfort of your own home, over a connection which is both trustworthy and secure.

    If you are going to be playing high limit casino games for real money, then you need to choose a high quality casino before risking your hard-earned cash. Despite the endless array of online casinos out there, you can distil the number by focusing on the following factors:

    1. Availability

    If you are going to be playing high limit casino games, then the high stakes casino will have to be readily available to you. This applies especially to online casinos.

    It would be a wasted effort to research a casino extensively only to discover that they do not accept players from your country. All casinos will have a list on their website of the regions, territories or countries whose players they do not accept.

    Availability often pertains to regulations and licenses. Having a casino licensed in your country should also help curb rogue casinos seeking to take advantage of players.

    2. Games and Gaming Providers

    If you are going to join a high limit online casino and risk a significant amount of money, then you had better do so while playing the best games the industry has to offer. The actualy games are one of the main reasons why you joined the casino in the first place, right?

    You will often find casinos tooting their own horn regarding the number of games they have on their site. However, if you are going to join a high stakes casino, then you would be better choosing quality over quantity.

    You should also check the type of games they have. Variety should be assured even when it comes to live dealer games.

    You should also evaluate high limit casinos based on the type of gaming providers providing their games, as these will typically be licenced from gaming software providers. There are names that stand out in the industry such as Microgaming, Playtech and IGT. Having multiple software providers is recommended, rather than relying solely on one for everything.

    3. Bonuses and Promotions

    If you are going to join a high stakes casino to play high limit slots and high limit roulette, then they had better have some amazing bonuses and promotions starting with the welcome bonus. Every gambler likes to make a little extra money when playing in a casino and considering how much you are risking; you should make as much as possible.

    The wagering requirements also need to be good for the player. The lower the wagering requirements, the faster you can earn a higher bonus.

    The promotions a high limit casino offer should also include rewards after gaining your welcome bonus. The best casinos will usually have running promotions such as deposit match contributions and occasional small bankroll amounts gifted to you for your loyalty.

    4. Reputation

    A casino should have an immaculate reputation. Luckily with online casinos, there is more of a community than with traditional ones, where you can check a casino’s reputation.

    Casino review sites are a great place to check a casino’s reputation and so are casino watchdog sites. The thing to keep in mind is that even the best casinos may have blemishes, but their reputation should be clearly defined.

    Reputation and customer service typically go hand in hand. Choose a high limit online casino with excellent customer service, and one which is regulated by a reputable authority/gambling commission.

    5. Payment Methods

    A high stakes casino where you can enjoy a game of high limit blackjack should have as many banking options as possible. The more payment methods there are, the more funds you can deposit into and withdraw from your account. A casino with a quick withdrawal process can help you promptly access your winnings.

    For high limit online casinos, the maximum withdrawal limit should be high since for depositing substantial sums, as one of the most frustrating challenges for those wanting to wager large amounts is to be constrained by deposit limits. This would mean having to spend each day depositing the maximum amount until your bankroll was as high as you wanted it to be, or being forced to gamble for amounts which are low and meaningless when considering your overall wealth.

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